The term serviced apartment simply means apartment that are fully furnished and available for long term or short time stays. The apartments distinguish themselves from hotels due to the type of amenities that they offer.

For example, you will be hard pressed to find a fully stocked European style kitchen in any hotel room around the world.Serviced Apartments Glen Waverly has some nice tips on this.

Distinguishing features of a good serviced apartment.


Most of such apartments come with fully furnished features from the sitting room to the bedroom. For the more classy furnished apartments, you can also get marbled bathrooms and big kitchens with all the modern fitted appliances.


The serviced apartment offers a lot of space when compared with standard hotel rooms. If you intend on staying for a long period, you need a place where you can walk about and feel free (not a crummy hotel room with only space for a bed and a table.)


This is another feature that serviced apartments offer. Privacy is important if you do not want to get disturbed by the continuous commotions of busy hotel.

Features like kitchen and huge closet space. Perhaps this distinguishing factor sets the serviced apartment above the normal hotel room. With a fully furnished kitchen, you can decide to cook and save some cash. Some apartments come with huge closet spaces for all your shoes and clothes.

-Amenities like internet connection, and parking

This has become a standard feature of serviced apartments. Internet connection might be part of the whole package or it might be charged separately. These apartments also have their own private parking lot so you do not have to worry where the heck you are going to park your car.

The serviced apartment merges all the above features together with hotel facilities like reception area.

-Laundry and cleaning services

While some serviced apartments come complete with a laundry room (that is fully furnished with laundry machines), other offer you the opportunity to use their in-house cleaning services. Either way your garments will get that lemony freshness that you so much enjoy.

You should use the services of reputable agents. This is because of the various advantages that the agents afford you. You will not have to worry about all the booking process that goes on when you want a serviced apartment. You stand to get better pricing in terms of the charges per night. The agent can negotiate and get to know if the cost of hiring the apartment includes things like cleaning services, internet connection, parking services, etc. This will help you to budget your finances better. The agents are aware of a large variety of available apartments, which you are welcomed to pick and choose.