If you are a musician or an artists will want an portable but quality recorder for recording rehearsals or live music, the digital mp3 recorder is one option worth exploring. Now available in very compact models, these usually come with sepcs such as a 4GB card, stereo recorder and much more.

If you are a songwriter and want a device that can quickly capture their moments of inspirations, without having to make comple connections or setup things, this personal audio recording equipment ensures that you can instantly record your musical ideas.

Its useful at other places as well. Broadcasters, podcasters, journalists can use this portable mp3 player to capture interviews for the world to hear, without having to carry an elaborate setup.

Most of the Digital recorders available nowadays come with these main features:discover thisĀ audio recorder.

-24-bit 96kHz recording

-High quality built-in condenser microphone

-Records to SDHC or SD memory card

-Designed like a gun, its easy to hold and very portable

-Comes with a display

-Comes with built speakers

-Easy transfer of the recorded audio by USB to PC

-Usually comes bundled with editing software

Depending on the model that you buy, some or all of these features should be available to you.

Most portable mp3 digital recorders supports 24 bit 96 kHz linear recording. The advanced internal circuitry eliminates any DC interference mong the components in the digital recorder.

These are easy to hold, comes with almost a gun like shape, that you can point to the source that you want to capture. These are compact enough to fit in the shirt pocket. You can quickly check the LCD that provides a wide viewing ability, and shows various additional recording information on the screen.

Some of the advanced ones also come with a wireless remote controller with transport functions such as recording start/playback start, fast forward, rewind, volume control, and input level control. The biggest advantage of these models is that they can be accessed from a distance away, in case you want better quality sound such as when recording music shows or rehearsels. You just place the digital audio recorder at the right position for recording, and then operate it using the remote control.