Do we see reality as it is, or as we feel at the time? Don’t we all believe that we are objective – while others are emotional? The world is right-brained and only I am rational and left-brained?

Wait. In a scientific study of physicians – 90% stated confidently they were in the top 10% in knowledge and effectiveness. Aren’t half of them average? No one rated himself or herself in the lower half. They were shocked to learn 33% of them were ranked below average by their hospital administration. Our website provides info on  this guide to employer compliance

Do the medical schools before graduation electrocute all the “average” students?

The Infamous 70/30 rule
Lawyers believe self-aggrandizing fantasies too. My experience is that some of the most winning trial lawyers I know got a couple of “Fs” and “Ds” in law school. Two of the best failed the Bar exam more than once. They got better with experience. But their confidence is built on a fantasy of reinforcing successes.

Educators never discuss the tested and proven 70/30 rule. It reminds us that 30% of professional learners are “unsalvageable”. They just never get it. Yes, that high. In Accounting For Lawyers – I tried twice and quit twice before they failed me.

Fact: what we Think has a dominant (up to 60%) effect on our Perceptions (insights and intuitions). Example: you witness a Chase bank robbery. Your bias toward certain groups will influence your memory for the bum’s face and emotional expression.

Sure, “seeing is believing”, but remember that “Believing-is-Seeing!” about other people’s emotions. Our beginning interpretation strongly influences our later memories.

So What?

Fact: our body is the interface (merge/unite) where thoughts and perceptions (insights and intuitions) meet up. We got embodied “cognition” and embodied “emotion” linking up in our mind. There is no isolated “thinking” or “feeling”.

There is a blend of HOW and WHAT we think and feel. Please remember: Emotions are contagious and virus-like; monkey see, monkey do.

Pay Attention to what you see and hear from your peers because they invade your mind and you become copy-cats of their emotions. Not you, because you pay attention to your environment, right? Google: UCSD: 9.03.2010 Professor P. Winklelman. Anger Management

Read this twice: your left-Frontal region of your brain is involved in experiencing Positive emotions like joy and happiness. Lefty cooperates with your right-Frontal region of the brain, which processes Negative emotions like anger and stress.

One more step: your left-Frontal region is involved in experiencing emotions of “closeness” (bonding). Wait. Your brain’s right-Frontal region is linked to emotions where you experience “withdrawal”. Throwing Grandma under the wheels of the moving bus is an aggressive form of withdrawal, right?

Ten Levels of Anger
We experience low levels of anger from 9-5pm, and so do our peers. Our power of anger-management separates the successful executives from the other guys who never get the promotions.