Learn when to get air conditioning repair to save yourself big bucks later on

Where there is air conditioning, there will be some air conditioning repair too! The air conditioner won’t always run smoothly. There could be several problems that could make the air conditioner stop working, making you suffer the unbearable heat of summer!┬áCheckout news for more info.

Here are five common problems that air conditioners have. Learn what they are so you can immediately get air conditioning repair.

1. Frozen inside coil
A frozen interior coil most probably might occur because of the restrictions caused by unclean air filters or blocked return air ductwork. This is one of the most frequently occurring problems during the cooling season.

If your air conditioning system has a frozen coil, the first thing you need to do is to shut off the HVAC system. A prolonged period of operation can damage the compressor.

2. Faulty wiring
Faulty wiring is dangerous. Uncertified or improper A/C wiring can possibly lead to a fire hazard. Bad wiring can cause power surges and shortages. The wiring will prevent the system from getting a consistent flow of power supply. It can also trip the circuit breaker.

3. Low levels of refrigerant
Refrigerant is also known as Freon. This chemical is used in a system for cooling the air. If your system has a low level of refrigerant, it indicates that there is some problem with the air conditioner itself.
You will have to check for leakage to make sure that the seepage does not continue anymore. Pouring in more refrigerant in the system is not the solution. The leak source should be located and fixed as soon as possible as this is safe for both your health and the environment.

4. Exterior fan not working
The exterior fan will transfer the heat from your room to the outside atmosphere. If the exterior fan is not working properly, it can lead to the overheating of conditioning compressor may overheat. There might also be internal damage to the compressor.

5. Drainage problems
During the process of dehumidifying, the air conditioning unit produces a liquid called condensate. This liquid is drained off away from the home. However, if the condensate drain gets blocked or if the system wasn’t properly installed, the condensate can start building up in your home. If you notice that there is a leakage around the coils, you have to remove the condensate properly, with the help of a pump.

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